I have been in such a great mood since my Biofield Tuning session with Candy.  I have had some pretty heavy blockages in my system from my younger self.  After seeing Candy I have noticed a huge release of energy, especially in my lower chakras.  I have also noticed an increase in intuition and it's clear this is from the opening and clearing of stuck energy in my field.  My body is moving and clearing a lot of energy, and physically as well.

Right after the session I was experiencing some body pains, which was expected, but these have since gone away.  I have noticed a little bit more sensitivity in my body as well. 

I was feeling super expansive and a little euphoric right after the session and now I feel really great, really in my body. I will be going back to Candy for some more tuning, clearing and alignment.  Candy, thank you so much! 5 STARS!  ~Kyle

Since my Biofield Tuning Session, I've noticed an increase in intuition...feeling super expansive and euphoric. 5 STARS!

I started my work with Candy about a month ago. I came to her desperate. I had been binge eating for 6.5 months and nothing I was doing could stop it. I felt totally hopeless And powerless. 
First impression of Candy: she’s a soft spoken beautiful woman who does come off As too “out there” as sometime metaphysical healers can. She is spiritual but also grounded.
After my first session with her I stopped binging and I have not binged since. Other side effects are I’m getting more self esteem. I feel very hopeful and I will continue to see her. She also gives me wellness tips to do on my own like oils, and a short easy yoga practice. 
If something is plaguing you and you’ve tried everything or even if you haven’t give Candy and her healing a try. You may just be amazed as I have been.  ~Cyndi 2/16/18

Stopped binging, more self-esteem...amazed!

Candy was fabulous! I had combo session and ended up booking a package!  ~Jennifer 9/26/18

Fabulous!  I booked a package :)

It was my first visit, Candy was thoughtful in the work she provided and followed up the next day. I am so happy I found her!  ~Allyson 8/11/18

Candy was thoughtful...So happy I found her!

Candy was amazing! She went above and beyond with my very specific issues. She was very professional, personable and incredibly passionate. I walked away with significantly decreased pain and feeling wonderful. She then followed up with an email the following day! Amazing!  ~Erica 6/3/18

Amazing! Professional, personable, incredibly passionate.

Candy was absolutely amazing!!!! I was visiting from out of town and she made me feel so comfortable! She was very knowledgeable in body and energy work. If I am ever in the area, I am coming back for sure!!! Also, I learned a great deal about essential oils. Thank you!!  ~Diana 10/26/17

Absolutely amazing!!!! Very knowledgeable.

Candy was wonderful, very warm and sweet, she made sure I was comfortable and all my problem areas were addressed. I very much enjoyed my time with her and cannot wait for my next visit!  ~Shareen 8/7/17

Candy was wonderful and very warm.  Can't wait for my next visit.

Great location, the space was serene and quiet and, most importantly, Candy gave me a wonderful session and really listened to what areas I needed focus on!  ~Amanda 6/5/17

Wonderful session. Candy really listened.

I'm so glad I found Innate Sense and had the opportunity of having a Reiki session done by Candy. She is amazing. She took the time to talk and understand what was going on with me and my life. The session was a great experience, I feel much lighter and happier now.  ~Talita 6/3/17

Great experience.  I feel much lighter and happier now.



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