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Read some of the kind reviews my clients have given after their first session!

Candy! So much has happened since my Reiki session. You completely cracked me open in the most beautiful way! I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 years and am currently moving into my own place. The relationship was such a drainer for me and my needs were never met. I then met someone and had a brief intoxicating soul connecting experience. Unfortunately I needed to cut ties with him but I'm so grateful I had it. It made me realize what I want in my next partner. I don't know what you did but you have changed my life. I feel so clear with what I want. My intentions and manifestations are strong. My personal power and self esteem have never been this intense. I feel so in tune with myself and am finally advocating for what's best for me. No more men that aren't serving me well! I've had too much of that in my life. I'm ready for a strong soul connecting love that enhances my life. Thank you!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ~Laura 12/19

You completely cracked me open in the most beautiful way!

I have been in such a great mood since my Biofield Tuning session with Candy.  I have had some pretty heavy blockages in my system from my younger self.  After seeing Candy I have noticed a huge release of energy, especially in my lower chakras.  I have also noticed an increase in intuition and it's clear this is from the opening and clearing of stuck energy in my field.  My body is moving and clearing a lot of energy, and physically as well.

Right after the session I was experiencing some body pains, which was expected, but these have since gone away.  I have noticed a little bit more sensitivity in my body as well. 

I was feeling super expansive and a little euphoric right after the session and now I feel really great, really in my body. I will be going back to Candy for some more tuning, clearing and alignment.  Candy, thank you so much! 5 STARS!  ~Kyle 8/19

Since my Biofield Tuning Session, I've noticed an increase in intuition...feeling super expansive and euphoric. 5 STARS!

I started my work with Candy about a month ago. I came to her desperate. I had been binge eating for 6.5 months and nothing I was doing could stop it. I felt totally hopeless And powerless. 
First impression of Candy: she’s a soft spoken beautiful woman who does come off As too “out there” as sometime metaphysical healers can. She is spiritual but also grounded.
After my first session with her I stopped binging and I have not binged since. Other side effects are I’m getting more self esteem. I feel very hopeful and I will continue to see her. She also gives me wellness tips to do on my own like oils, and a short easy yoga practice. 
If something is plaguing you and you’ve tried everything or even if you haven’t give Candy and her healing a try. You may just be amazed as I have been.  ~Cyndi 2/16/18

Stopped binging, more self-esteem...amazed!

Candy was fabulous! I had combo session and ended up booking a package!  ~Jennifer 9/26/18

Fabulous!  I booked a package :)

It was my first visit, Candy was thoughtful in the work she provided and followed up the next day. I am so happy I found her!  ~Allyson 8/11/18

Candy was thoughtful...So happy I found her!

Candy was amazing! She went above and beyond with my very specific issues. She was very professional, personable and incredibly passionate. I walked away with significantly decreased pain and feeling wonderful. She then followed up with an email the following day! Amazing!  ~Erica 6/3/18

Amazing! Professional, personable, incredibly passionate.

Candy was absolutely amazing!!!! I was visiting from out of town and she made me feel so comfortable! She was very knowledgeable in body and energy work. If I am ever in the area, I am coming back for sure!!! Also, I learned a great deal about essential oils. Thank you!!  ~Diana 10/26/17

Absolutely amazing!!!! Very knowledgeable.

Candy was wonderful, very warm and sweet, she made sure I was comfortable and all my problem areas were addressed. I very much enjoyed my time with her and cannot wait for my next visit!  ~Shareen 8/7/17

Candy was wonderful and very warm.  Can't wait for my next visit.

Great location, the space was serene and quiet and, most importantly, Candy gave me a wonderful session and really listened to what areas I needed focus on!  ~Amanda 6/5/17

Wonderful session. Candy really listened.

I'm so glad I found Innate Sense and had the opportunity of having a Reiki session done by Candy. She is amazing. She took the time to talk and understand what was going on with me and my life. The session was a great experience, I feel much lighter and happier now.  ~Talita 6/3/17

Great experience.  I feel much lighter and happier now.

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